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Chapter and Boss name Enemies(Villains) Guide
Chapter 1 - Pirate Jessie 2 Light Bandit (1,3) and Corrupted Jessie (5)
Corrupted Jessie is the first boss and as such possess no threat

You can beat her with a full party of 5 star units without a problem.

Special Attack - Pirate's Greed - Two Light Strikes 
Chapter 2 - Yandere Kuku 2 Fire Bandit (1,3) and Yandere Kuku (5)
Yandere Kuku also possess very little problems. As long as your starting character is not Grass (or you can tank a few hits), you will have a very easy fight.

You can beat her with a full party of 5-star units without a problem.

Special Attack - SENPAI...SENPAI...SENPAI... - Three Fire Strikes

Chapter 3 - Luna

Dark Rogue (1), Dark Bandit (3) and Corrupted Luna (5)
Luna is the last one of the very easy bosses. As long as your starting character is not Light (or you can tank a few hits), you will have a very easy fight.

You can beat her with a full party of 5-star units without a problem.

Special Attack - Wrath of Luna - Two Dark Strikes

Chapter 4 - Kilios

Chapter 5 - Sylph 2 Wind Witch (1,3), Corrupted Sylph (5)
Sylph is actually easier than Kilios, so if you managed to beat him, beating Sylph will not be hard. By now you should have at least level 70 5 stars party with Limit Breaks from 10-25 depending on your Gacha luck. Remove all water units from your party and replace them with fire. A high-level DJ X will be very good for dealing with Sylph while Queen Karma will easily deal with the witches. You still need only one healer. As for the first unit, I used DJ Clover, but you can use anything that powers up Fire units by more than 20%

Special Attack - Death by Nature - Two Light Strikes

Special Attack - No Auto Mode - Removes Auto Mode
Chapter 6 - Yume 2 Dark Samurai (1,3), Nightmare Yume
Yume is hard. You will need a Level 90 party and either you pick a non-light Healer or Heal when she heals. Yume is the only boss who heals herself. Her pattern is - Special attack, Heal about 8000 HP, normal attack. Dealing with her minions is not a problem, the reason for a high-level party is her very high healing rate. Use very hard-hitting elemental units that target Single enemy and heal a lot. If you are using DJ Eve or any light-based unit, use their attacks when Yume is healing, which is always the second hit in the pattern. As she is a Dark unit and a very strong one, limit using Light units as much as possible.

Special attack - Nightmare Realm - Three Dark Strikes

Special Attack - No Auto Mode - Removes Auto Mode
Chapter 7 - DJ Phantom Reaper (2) and DJ Phantom (5)
DJ Phantom brings two new things onto the table. One is that he has 2 Special attacks that he uses in the battle. The second is that he has Reaper always in front of him, normally Reaper appears only when you use the special 5 stars attack. Reaper is a 2 wait unit that strikes twice. DJ Phantom has 4 attacks. Binding of Phantom, Reaper of Blades, Sword attack and a Ball of dark energy attack. Binding of Phantom does 0 damage to you, so you can heal right before that. First, dispose of the Reaper. While he is a 2 wait unit, he does 2 strikes. Also, by now you should start to feel the need to level up your character and skills a bit, so grinding is changing from the units to the character. You still need only one powerful healer, DJ Eve is still viable, but highly dangerous if you miss the timing and get hit by 2 hits from Reaper or 4 from DJ Phantom.

Special Attack - Binding of Phantom - Your attack screen is locked, tap to free yourself and hope you don't waste your attack. It also disables Auto Mode

Special Attack - Reaper of Blades - Four Dark Strikes
Chapter 8 - Nova Blade 2 Nova Sentry (1,3), Nova Barrier (2), Nova Blade (5)
Congratulations, you have reached Nova Blade. This is the last boss you will see for a long time. Unlike other bosses, he has a barrier in front of him and you cant attack him while it is up. Forget about all Dark units, he deals massive damage even without them. Focus on removing Nova Sentries with Queen Karma or any other Front Row unit. Then focus all your firepower on the Nova Barrier. While it is up, Nova Blade is invincible. As you can see from my party, I switched to a 2 healer setup to sacrifice attack and focus more on healing. With more than 6000 HP, I would heal every time my HP went below 50%. Even when I was sure Queen Karma would kill him, I still healed and then finished him.

My party: DJ Clover - Level 90, LB 7 Freera Flame - Level 73, LB 12 Queen Karma - Level 90, LB 22 Nova Blade - Level 90, LB 17 DJ Eve - Level 90, LB 12 My Stats: Level 87, a well-rounded build (57, 57, 56, 56, 57), 19% from shop items, 104% HP and ATK (Level 19 in everything) from Upgrade Shop And I barely managed to defeat him.

Special Attack - Nova Hero - 5 Light Strikes

Special Attack - The Hero's Wish - Disables Auto Mode
Chapter 9.1 - President Naomi 2 Naomi's Memory (1,3), President Naomi (5)
Luni is annoyed with you defeating Nova Blade and decided that you will never get out from here. Chapter 9 has 5 bosses. But if you grinded a lot, Naomi is actually very easy compared to Nova Blade. She is a Wind-based boss, so equip Fire units and remove Water units. As long as you have a strong fire unit that can target multiple enemies (my favourite is Queen Karma) and a strong single target unit (DJ X for example), Naomi possesses no threat.

Special Attack - School Discipline - 4 Wind Strikes

Special Attack - School Rules - Disables Auto Mode
Chapter 9.2 - Idol Kinen 2 Kinen's Memory (1,3), Idol Kinen (5)
Idol Kinen is the first boss who made me change my first unit from DJ Clover to Cykopath. That will deal with her first strike taking away 3/4 of your health and increases your ATK by 40%. She is harder than Naomi a bit, but not very hard after you dispose of the minions and heal a bit. Water-based party with a non-fire healer will get you through nicely.

Special Attack - Voice of Kinen - 5 Fire Strikes

Special Attack - Idol Shine - Disables Auto Mode
Chapter 9.3 - Kitsune Mistuko 2 Kitsune's Memory (1,3), Kitsune Mitsuko (5)
Kitsune uses Light element, but after getting all 5 first 6-star units, it changes nothing. Using Tiff as the first unit and focusing on not using Darkness attacks when she is using her special attack, i had to heal one with generic Heal and once with Tiff Heal. My party levels:

Level 98 Tiff Level 74 Ellie Level 100 Claire Level 74 Lunith Level 74 Reed

In case you don't have a 6 star Party, ignore Darkness units entirely. Also, focus on healing more than attacking, Kitsune is a generic Light Boss, but her attacks can hurt a lot.

Special Attack - Mitsuko's Light - 4 Light Strikes

Special Attack - Lights Off - Disables Auto Mode
Chapter 9.4 - Succubus Lilith Lilith (clone) (1,3), Lilith (5)
Lilith is a Darkness boss who actually missed me quite a lot. Her attacks are not that painful either, but it is due to me grinding a lot and being level 106 with a well-balanced character. Take a non-Light Healer and do the same thing you did since the start of the chapter. Focus on minions with AOE attacks, finish them with single or front row and then focus on healing more than damage dealing. After you end her, brace yourself, the next boss is not a pushover like these generic bosses.

Special Attack - Love of Lilith - 5 Darkness Strikes

Special Attack - Temptation - Disables Auto Mode

Chapter 9.5.4 - Creator Luni

Luni's Unit  (1,3), Creator Luni (5)
Luni is a Water-based boss, which means Earth party should dispose of him. Actually, with a full Level 100/Level 90 6/5 star party, she possessed no threat. But that is not over yet, the battle continues.

Special Attack - GAME OVER - 5 Water Strikes

Special Attack - NO AUTO - Disables Auto Mode
Chapter 9.5.5 - Corrupted Creator Luni Death Game
This is it, the Death Game. With each death, you will get more HP. If you ever saw Undertale, this is Sans fight. Avoid everything or tank it all and get more health as you repeat. No special strategy, no units, no attacks, just survive. Your health increases from 1 to half of your level

The fight has these attacks: Low laser/low cannon - Horizontal laser with a gap, jump over or stand on platform High laser/high cannon - Vertical laser, double Jump over or jump when on platform Missiles - Just dodge to the sides

Stage 1: It is possible to no-hit Stage one, but to survive without movement, you need 27+ HP. Stops at QUIT NOW and two high lasers + two cannons come when you need to double jump over them. Stage 2: Hard to no-hit, stay in the middle when everything is an exclamation point at the end. Stage 3: Almost impossible to no-hit this stage. You will know when this stage is over as you will win

Final Chapter - Final Boss Corruption (depends on the sub-chapter), Final Boss (5)
Did you actually think it is over, just like that? The Final Boss is here, ready to send you and everything you own into the death zone. Weakness? None. Strength? None. He is the only boss aside from Gacha Salt, that changes elements as he attacks. Brace yourself, this chapter is all a boss battle against him. As you keep progressing, he gets more and more minions. Good luck

Special Attack - FINAL BOSS ATTACK - Strikes with every element

Special Attack - Corruption - Disables Auto Mode
Final Final Boss - Ellie, the RNG Goddess Right in front of you
Now, this is a reversal...Luni gave you the ability to summon units, but you don't have the ability to control what you summon. Ellie will change the chances of summons, hope for the best. Oh, you did not level your 3-star units? That was a major mistake. No 4-star units? Oops. Half of the 5-star units? You cant summon them a lot. 6-star units Level 100? Too bad, cant summon those here. Also, you cant summon anything from the rows beyond the one with Creator Luni. Unlike Gacha Salt, you have to defeat Ellie in one life. She doesn't hit hard, but with 2 million HP, you will have to do a lot of grinding. Have fun. You don't even get any XP or Gold from the fight.