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Pirate Jessie, often referred to as simply "Jessie", is a 3-Star Light Unit in Gacha World. She can be obtained for free through the Tutorial Summon. She is an NPC in Gacha Woods and the first boss you fight in the game. Her attack style is Single Target.

Appearance Edit

Jessie has light skin which is somewhat pink-ish. Her hair is an orange colour that becomes more red as it gets lower. She wears a light brown shirt, bandana, and gloves. Her pants are black and are loosely hanging from them. Her sword has a silver blade and gold guard. Her eyes are the yellow commonly seen on Light-elemented Units.

Story Edit

"Pirate Jessie is a female whom leads the ship crew of the pirate ship that crosses the seas of the region in the world including the Gacha Kingdom. The crew has no limitations to their exploration along with their insatiable pursuit for the treasure that has been hidden across land and sea. She makes sure that the treasure located is authentic and she will get her hands on it, no matter what the risks would be as the pirates are very much resolute when it comes to attaining the rewards along with making much effort.

She is very adventurous, fearless as she seeks challenges and high risks, to invigorate and stimulate her resolve and her insatiable desire for reward. She will do anything to attain the treasure with her own hands. Of course, she is also selfless as she is willing to be with her crew's way as she would share the treasure with them. A pirate whom is pure-hearted is very rare as normally they are thought to be selfish and dirty, but Jessie's crew and Jessie herself shows the other way around.

After breaking off the hunt of Demon Hunter to Devil Akki, Pirate Jessie stumbled upon the Gacha Woods because she heard of a treasure being in there by an "unknown voice". Digging up the marked spot, what actually was in the spot instead of the treasure is the infamous Blades of Corruption. The sheer power of the Blades of Corruption begin to twist the heart and mind of the pure pirate causing her to be corrupted, the blades taking control of her and positioning itself as the gate of her selected domain, also creating a delusion where Pirate Jessie has heard of the "grand treasure" being around the area she is in."

After the Summoner and Ellie helped out Akki and Demon Hunter, they came across a Gate of Corruption. When they walked through, they appeared on Jessie's ship, where she was mistreating her friends out of greed due to corruption. The pair decides to confront Jessie herself and fight her. After she is defeated, she is saved from the corruption and goes back to traveling the seas, but not before she delivers the Summoner and Ellie to Gacha Kingdom.

Boss Fight Edit


  • Corrupted Jessie Lv. 9 - HP 3,255
  • Light Bandit Lv. 9 x2 - HP 977

Special Attacks:

  • Grand Treasure - "The grand treasure is mine alone!"

Jessie's attack cooldown is 3 turns. She will strike you with her sword twice on her first attack, then strike once on her second. The pattern repeats.

Skills Edit

Leader Skill - None

Active Skill - Double Strike - Stabs an enemy twice (Single Target)

Skill Quote - "Yargh'! All the treasure will be mine!"

Trivia Edit

  • Jessie is one of the units used in the fight against RNG Goddess Ellie.
  • She is theorized to have some sort of relationship with Pirate Jacko, a character from Anime Gacha