Summary Edit

Green Jester, often referred to as "Jester" is a 3-Star Wind unit in Gacha World. You obtain her for free in the Tutorial Gacha. Her quest revolves around her retrieving her jester ball and returning to Gacha Kingdom. Her attack style is Column.

Appearance Edit

Green Jester is fairly light-skinned and has large, yellow eyes. Her hat stands out due to its odd shape and split colours. Most of her outfit is green and black in a checkered pattern. She also has a spotted green ball that she uses during her attack.

Story Edit

"Green Jester is a resident of Gacha Kingdom, which was not just far from the Gacha Woods. As the kingdom's jester, she has quite the duty to entertain the people who reside in the kingdom. Her most prominent instrument is a large rolling ball, where she can roll the ball with both of her feet standing and traveling with it without failure. Such an exquisite talent. She has quite the good acrobatics that would make her one of the known flexible humans in the world's Gacha Kingdom.

Green Jester has also a sense of humor that is quite good, to the point that she can match Gacha Robo's puns making the entertainment for people be more hyped and exciting. Gacha Robo and Green Jester always compete with one another for entertainment but they always end up with neither side on the winning hand, hence being equal rivals when it comes to entertaining the residents.

One time, Green Jester rolled her ball and suddenly lost track of direction making her leave the Gacha Kingdom temporarily by accident. With also the ball missing, the Jester has nothing to do but to juggle up her small toy balls to catch an attention in case there would be a wanderer. And that was the Gacha Summoner after assisting Gacha Robo with missing parts. Now, the Gacha Summoner and Fairy Ellie will comply with the Green Jester's request on looking for the rolling ball."

Jester requests help from the Summoner in getting her ball back. After he succeeds, Jester returns to Gacha Kingdom. When Ellie and the Summoner arrived there, they realized that they had missed the Jester's show.

Skills Edit

Leader Skill - None

Active Skill - Rolling Jester - Hop on a ball and mow down a column of enemies (Column attack)

Skill Quote - "Haha! Get ready to get squished!"

Trivia Edit

  • Green Jester is one of the Units used to fight Ellie in 10-1-5.
  • Green Jester is one of very few well-recognized units that has no variants, not even in other Lunime games.
  • She is the second NPC in Gacha Woods, and the second NPC in the game.