Frequently Asked Questions (Gameplay)

1) Where can I download the game?

You may download Gacha World in the Google Play Store:

2) How do I level up my Gacha Summoner and Units fast?

  • Tap on the "World" > "Event"

> "Change Event" > "EXP Event"

  • Tap on Cykopath and choose the difficulty that you can

handle in the Quest Line. If you can't beat the first level of the EXP Event, try leveling up by grinding on the latest quest until you are able to beat the first level of the EXP event.

3) How do I get gems/gold fast?

  • The fastest way to earn gold or gems

is by buying them in the shop. While the other way in getting them is by completing Quests, Arena, Tower, Boss Fights, and Events.

  • In terms of freely getting gems

efficiently, I would recommend in clearing floors of the Tower as it gives 50+ gems.

  • While in getting gold, you can

either buy it in the shop using gems. Or continuously clear the gold rush event. 4) Our Gacha unit’s stats are different even they’re the same level, how is that possible?

  • It is either the difference on the unit’s Limit Break (LB), your elemental stats, leader skill, or the stat bonus from fashion items.

5) How can I enter my Gacha summoner to the Arena for everyone else to see?

  • You must be at least ranked Diamond and above to qualify in registering your Gacha summoner in the Arena.
  • f you already are, please visit our Facebook page to see if there’s any Arena registration open. (link)

6) Im stuck at this boss, how can I be able to defeat him?

  • The most effective way to bypass a

boss is by leveling up your Units, Gacha summoner and upgrading elemental stats.

  • Each boss strikes first, be sure that the element you will put in as a lead isn’t a weaker element against the boss. Or they'll deal twice as much damage.
  • Its recommended to use single targeted attacks against bosses as they deal more damage.