Appearance Edit

Akki's appearance is based off that of a demon. She has bright red hair that splits into two large tails. She has two red horns on her head as well. She wears a red shirt, red skirt, and red boots. Her eyes are also coloured red.

Story Edit

"Devil Akki is a demonic being residing on the Fifth Circle of Hell, The Wrathful. A demon of flame prowess whose flame powers are enough to scorch down an entire kingdom, classifying her as one of the beings with dangerous potential in a region of the world where the Gacha Kingdom resides. The evil flames who seem hesitant to commit sin and evil taking the form of a female materialized in the world above Hell. She is a demon different among the ones in the fifth circle of the underworld where the souls are punished accordingly to the sin they have committed throughout their lifetime.

She is a wanderer, an explorer-type demon who wants to just have fun with the outside world without harming everyone. Knowing that she would just hurt humans with her prowess, demonic or not, she decided to isolate herself at the Gacha Woods where the Green Jester and Gacha Robo consecutively resided. Akki is also shy at random moments, especially humans of the opposite gender, being flustered and embarrassed when necessary.

At the time after the Gacha Summoner and Fairy Ellie complied with the Green Jester's requests, she comes running into both as she is being chased by someone. Someone whom hides in the shadows, with a deadly weapon ready, the Gacha Summoner and Fairy Ellie proceed to assist with Devil Akki while trying to clear out the way from the forest monsters, biding their time for the perfect opportunity before they would encounter the one who is hunting down Devil Akki."

You meet her in the Gacha Woods while she is being chased by the Demon Hunter. When the hunter finally catches up with Akki, they protect each other from attacking Goblins and become friends. They proceed through the woods along with the Summoner and Ellie until they find the corrupted blades, which is where the Summoner goes on to fight Jessie.

Skills Edit

Leader Skill - None

Active Skill - Demon Fire - Launch fireballs at the front row of enemies (Front Row attack)

Skill Quote - "Heehee, taste my flames!"

Trivia Edit

  • Devil Akki can be one of the RNG-Summoned Units used to fight Ellie in 10-1-5.
  • Akki has a variant in Anime Gacha named "Messy Akki". She wears an apron and is holding two spoons, each with chocolate on the ends.
  • She is obtained for free in the Tutorial Gacha.